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Stating the Problem and Its Rationale 2

  1. Stating the Problem and Its Rationale
  2. Stating the Problem and Its Rationale 2
  3. Defining Key Terms
  4. Synonyms
  5. Shared Experiences
  6. Providing A Rationale
  7. Thesis Hhypothesis
  8. Describing your data collection methods

  • Who were the original founders of Laver City, and what role did each play”(history)
  • How do supermarkets set their selling prices for produce and, in particular, how much does the spoilage of produce affect pricing”(economics, business)
  • Which method of teaching beginning reading best equips first-graders to infer the meanings of new words”(education)
  • Why did Albania and North Korea become such closed, doctrinaire communist societies”(political science)
  • What characteristics are most significant in differentiating people of the upper-class from those of the lower-class in Kentwood County”(sociology)
  • When (during the day, month, and year) do people most frequently suffer feelings of depression, and why at those times”(psychology)
  • Where did the counter-culture movement of the 1960s in California begin, and who led the movement”(history, sociology, anthropology)
  • How frequently do immigrants from Britain compared to immigrants from China apply for U.S. citizenship, and what are the reasons for the differences between the two groups”(social psychology)

Frequently a topic is best expressed as two or more questions, sometimes with minor questions subsumed under major ones.

  1. In India, what was the extent of “brain-drain” migration of talented citizens to the United States over the period 1969-1999″
    1. In what fields had emigrants specialized before leaving India”
    2. What reasons did emigrants give for leaving their homeland”
    3. What expectations did emigrants hold for their new life abroad”
  2. In what parts of the United States did immigrants from India settle”
    1. What occupations did immigrants enter”
    2. How well were immigrants’ expectations fulfilled in their new environments”

To summarize, two important purposes are served by your being obliged to state your topic precisely. First, the statement guides you in charting the steps to take toward solving the problem. Second, it makes clear to your advisors what you intend to do, thus expediting their task of evaluating your proposal and offering advice.

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