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Personal essay is a reflection of a person’s action, thoughts or words. In general, such type of an essay is considered as a writer’s attempt to share his personal thought or ideas with the strangers. Your instructor is not going to grade on how much you love your mom or how wonderfully you place baseball. He wants to check your ability to concentrate on a specific fact and tell it in a very engaging and vivid way.

Like any good essay, your paper should contain 3 main parts: introduction part, main body and conclusion. We would advise you to begin your essay with the draft. Firstly, think on what you are going to write about, indicate how you can connect the beginning with the ending. Most professional writers advise to use four-five sentences per paragraph and make sure that you use the simple and understandable vocabulary. After you have written the first draft, check the questions below. They will help you to revise your paper and make sure that you’ve covered all the necessary aspects.

  1. Does the opening paragraph grab the readers’ attention?
  2. Is your statements interesting and involving?
  3. Have you answered all the questions carefully?
  4. Is your grammar and vocabulary perfect?

You can also ask your friend to read an essay and make the necessary remarks. You can also contact professional writer at Masterpapers.com to get some valuable help or advice.

 Be advised that the language being used plays the vital role and will definitely influence your grade. Make sure that your use simple and clear sentences, each statement should depict some new idea which prevents your essay from getting monotonous.

As stated above, any personal or research essay should comprise 3 main parts.

Introduction is very important since it will help your instructor to create the first impression about your personality. Therefore, your instruction part should get started with some interesting fact or statement so that it could grab your instructor’s attention from the very beginning. A strong introduction should give a hint about the main body without stating the main idea.

Main Body of your essay can comprise up to four paragraphs. Each paragraph should discuss a single idea while the first few lines should introduce the idea and the following one is supposed to support it. Your main body should be interesting and memorable. The key to maintaining the reader’s interest is to be sincere and honest, display your concerns and thoughts, make your essay as truthful as possible.

Conclusion is the final paragraph which should conclude all the discussed ideas and display all the main author’s thoughts and hopes.

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