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As MasterPapers.com gains its positions of a leader on the market of academic writing services, it becomes of an interest to the world’s leading, independent, news sources, who, by means of independent research test the quality of the service, in order to determine if in fact MasterPapers.com lives up to its slogan: “The World’s Finest Custom Writing Service?

On November 13, 2006 there was an article by Adam Morton, higher education reporter, named: “Are Made-to-order-essays: a waste of money”” released by “The Age” – the respected independent news source in Melbourne, Australia. The author conducted a research of the quality of the service provided by MasterPapers.com and two other companies, who are working on the market of custom essay writing services, by placing an order with every company. The results that were received determined that an essay written by MasterPapers.com “could have scored a pass or better at an elite Australian university” *:

Research also determined that “MasterPapers.com has all signs of professionalism and accountability” *:

We were flattered to find out that the world-famous universities have recognized Masterpapers.com as the leading company which provides high-quality academic papers. Masterpapers.com writers have been given the best reward from the outstanding academicians and we really appreciate all of our writers for their hard work and the world-wide recognition.

* The full copy of the article can be found at The Age’s web-site.

You can also read several press releases about Masterpapers.com below:

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