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Montana 98 Essay

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Important events are the grist for the Montana 98 essay. The event is culled from the novel and written following guidelines for analytical writing. The student must evaluate the action and description according to its significance and importance to the story. If this is a challenge for you, rely on masterpapers.com expertise to do your essay.

Masterpapers.com professional writers can quickly identify the recurring symbols used in the passage or in the entire novel. This is a tool used by the writer of the novel, which distinguishes the development of the plot.

You cannot just pick out the passage that contains the important passage without reading the novel in its entirety. Understanding the story and tracing development of the story is your key to a successful essay. Masterpapers.com writers the consummate skill in isolating the key point and translate it into a well-written and convincing essay.

Analytical Questions

After the first reading of the novel, prepare your questions about the issues brought to the fore of the novel. The key questions focuses on the struggle between good and evil and the implications of the crime and its repercussions on the characters.

The context of the questions should center on the development of the story and the founded on the four basic literary elements plot, character, writing style, and length of the novel.

You should be able to identify the conflict in the plot, is it internal or external. Is the conflict within the character or is it in the people or environment that surrounds him”For characterization, determine if the character is round or flat is the character able to act on the conflict, and how” Is the vocabulary simple or extensive” Is the length of the novel appropriate to the story” The basic elements will guide you to your next questions. This time your will deal with the theme and the symbols woven into the story.

Since the story is set in 1948, ask why the author chose this period, and how well is this depicted through the characters’ speech and the dynamics of socio-political influences on the characters. You have to ask what motivated the main characters to do what they did. Are their decisions justified”How did their actions affect those around them?

Knowing this, you can find which action in the story should be highlighted in your essay. Like the political essay or business plan essay, your composition should be analytical but based on the novel’s perimeters and the elements of the novel. Resourceful students dig up more information through research to get the feel of the period.

Buttress your essay with strong points. What did the main characters say, what the other characters say about the main characters can give you clues to the significance of the important event in the novel. What led to the important event” What snapped in the characters to do as they did?

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