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MLA Essay

MLA Essay- Basic Tips

Actually, learning how to perform an MLA essay is the most vitally essential part of your college success. Usually, the skills you’ve learnt in the previous writing courses are going to benefit you a lot, especially if you have studied them in depth. Practically, this article is aimed at shedding a light on the basic guidelines for MLA essay format that you are to actively use while studying at the educational institution.

What does MLA essay format include?

Admittedly, Modern Language Association of America has created a set of rules for formatting various pieces of writing. Generally speaking, this essay style is mostly applied for the arts and social science papers. It should be mentioned that it is predominately focused on the correct presenting of citations, bibliographies and references. Some scientists even consider MLA to be the standard format for citing sources used in the essays, research papers and dissertations. One need to keep in mind that in 2009 the Association provided some changes that might be looked up in the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th edition).

Essentials to keep in mind

Before starting the writing process, it is important to choose Times New Roman or Arial font in 12-point size. Besides, you need to make it sure that you leave margins on all sides at 1 inch each. Traditionally, your first page should include your name, the course name, instructor’s name and the date. If required, you should also state the title of your MLA essay. Technically, all this information should be double spaced and must flush with the left side at the top of the page. In addition, you need to create a header, which must contain only your name and the page number. Make sure that this header appears on each page of your writing assignment.

In text citation issues

In reality, the main reason of students’ preferences to this essay format lies in the fact that it incorporates easy rules for citations. While the other styles require the usage of footnotes and endnote, MLA essay should include only parenthetical citations that are inserted in the reference within an essay. Introducing the quote, you can use the following example:

According to John Braun, “excellent writing abilities are extremely important for performing the successful academic essays” (125).

Then the entry on your works cited page is going to look like as follows:

Braun, John. Golden Rules for Winning Papers. New York: Harpin, 2008. 245-310. Print.

It is crystal clear that citations are needed for any piece of writing, as they provide the work with credibility. Actually, the process of using someone’s words without proper citation is called plagiarism. This means that you should always consider MLA essay format requirements in case you want to perform a successful essay. Finally, do not forget that this style also requires a bibliography written on the separate paper at the end of the essay.

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