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The management essay is a type of narrative that represents personal viewpoints of the candidate. Listed below are general guidelines you should use in preparing your paper.

1. Firstly, before starting on your management essay read the details in the instruction packet which usually contains all information necessary for writing a successful essay. Remember: your writing will be evaluated according to the instructions given.

2. Determine what you are going to discuss in your paper.

3. Develop ideas which support your topic. Take advantage of other sources related to this particular topic.

4. Brainstorm as many management ideas supporting your topic as possible. Get them down on paper.

5. Think about your problem statement and identify the problem you are going to solve within your paper. The best way is to develop problem statement based on your experience.

6. Develop the body the main part of your paper which contains discussion, evidence, and supporting facts demonstrating your deep understanding and knowledge of the topic.

7. Management essay should have an introduction which should begin with an attention grabber. This may include some startling information, dialogue, anecdote, quotation, or summary information providing insight to your topic.

8. Write the conclusion the final part of your writing that sums up your points and provides final perspective on your topic.

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