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Literature Term Paper

Whenever you are assigned to write a literature term paper, frequently one requiring research, you are expected to make a strong argument that is to prove that your perspective is a valid one.

Like in any other argument paper, you must develop a specific thesis statement revealing your perspective. And like any proper argument your perspective must be debatable.

While choosing a subject for your writing keep in mind that the best topics are those originating of your reading of some particular work of literature. What you find below are a few common approaches to consider:

– the discussion of the characters: are they symbolic, realistic, or historically based?

– reading of the work based on the philosophical perspective;

– a comparison of the choice various authors make in a work;

– a study of historical events which occasioned this particular work;

– reading from the political perspective.

A good way to maintain your confidence is to find something interesting to say which you are sure will grasp your readers’ attention. The best paper is one in which you discover something and share your discovery with the audience. This discovery may be the interpretation of the poem or story, or it may be your viewpoint about something.

Your literature term paper will also benefit if you use terms and concepts you have worked with including diction, tone, paraphrase, and imagery for poetry; and plot, characterization, symbolism, and climax for fiction.

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