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Illustration essay begins with a properly chosen and well researched topic. The first thing you must remember is to choose a topic which you would be able to handle. This generally means that you’ll have to limit a topic span to the page limit you have for your writing. You should also keep in mind that a typical paper requires that the topic of writing should be fully covered in the body of an essay. For this reason it is advisable to pick something factual and concrete.

Essay needs a grasping topic, the one that will interest your audience. The readers need to be entertained by the topic chosen as well as the skillful presentation of the subject matter.

Illustration essay should include the timing and relevance of the issue in question, which implies you have to choose topics that are meaningful, current and narrow to be covered in a typical paper.

While working on your essay pay attention to using examples that will make it more attention-grabbing and interesting. Whenever you introduce an idea, provide readers with numerous examples to clarify it. These examples can be either typical (common in lives of the most people) or specific (taken from your own life and lives of people you know). If you think no typical or specific examples are powerful enough to illustrate the matter, use hypothetical examples in your piece. However, should make it clear to the audience you are using hypothetical examples. Your paper may also contain mixed examples a combination of typical, specific and hypothetical examples.

Your illustration essay can be either one example of an abstract idea or comprise a number of paragraphs, each giving a different example of a single idea. Try not to trivialize your paper by using too obvious, commonplace or trite examples. Choose only those that are most interesting.

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