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The first thought a writer should give to his paper is: Who is my audience”” and not What am I going to say”” The audience of your humanities essay can be an intelligent and informed fellow student, though most essays are first evaluated by professors.

While working on your humanities essay keep in mind that like in any other type of an essay it will need a sound introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction of your writing should invite the reader to your analysis and provide a thesis which describes direction of your argument. The body of your essay should comprise a series of interpretive readings from humanities text supporting the assertion of your thesis. The conclusion of the humanities essay should reflect on what you’ve presented in your paper.

The topic of your essay is a narrowed down idea you’ve decided to dwell upon as it relates to the text you’re considering. It shouldn’t be mixed up with a thesis a statement indicating what the direction of argument in your paper will be.

While you may have to bring in extra textual information that relates to your argument your paper will be most effective if you attach particular attention to the primary work which is writing analysis. It should be mentioned that you don’t necessarily have to imitate chronology of the work you are analyzing but use examples from all parts of the test in the order that best suits your argument. In addition to a primary source you may use secondary sources including encyclopedias, textbooks, journal articles and dictionaries as well as notes and introductions found with a primary source. When referring to the primary work and when using secondary sources be sure to cite your source properly so as to be accused of plagiarism.

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