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How to Cite Research Paper

How to cite research paper knowledge is one of the most important skills essential for creating a good essay. There exist a number of ways to cite, out of these, parenthetical citation being the most popular one. Listed below are basic steps for citing.

Start with sources in your bibliography building them based on your citations.

Place the author’s last name and the year of publication after a piece of text.

Add page numbers if necessary.

Check the bibliography in order to make sure all sources are listed in it.

Address a style guide for some further details.

It is well worth using bibliography software to keep track of the sources cited. Available are a number of such programs that were designed to save time.

While working on your essay beware of plagiarism, which is using the ideas or words of other people in your work. What follows are hints that will help you avoid it.

Cite your sources: use information directly as it appears and use quotation marks citing the author, page number of the source, and publication date.

Mention the author in the body of your writing.

You can also repeat ideas paraphrasing them in you own words.

While documenting your sources you are free to choose from a number of styles. It is strongly recommended however to check with your adviser about whether you should use parenthetical notes or footnotes.

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