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History Dissertation

History Dissertation Writing Assistance

Like any other type of scientific writing, a history dissertation is composed of the following parts: an introduction, a narrative or argument, and a conclusion.

An introduction of your paper introduces your topic and explains why it is worth exploring. Many find it’s a good idea to write this part of a paper last.

A narrative or argument must be coherent, and presented in order so that it is easy to follow. Remember that you should give reasons for your assessments and assertions. Dividing the text of your writing into paragraphs is a good idea: this way you’ll be able to make one or a few points at a time putting in section or chapter headings while making a major new step. It’s also advisable to include diagrams and pictures whose relevance must be fully explained.

As for the use of direct quotations in the body of your paper, it may vary depending on the topic and approach you choose. Always explain why each quotation is relevant to your argument. All quotations should be checked for accuracy.

You history dissertation will definitely include many notes which may either be at the end of the main text or at the bottom of each page. You should also use notes for references along with other supplementary materials that don’t constitute your argument’s substance. When quoting directly from other sources you should give exact reference in your notes.

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