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Harvard Admission EssayTips

It is not a secret that Harvard is considered to be one of the most prestigious and popular educational institutions in the whole globe. It does not matter, which faculty you choose for your studying. The thing is that Harvard offers the best education which foresees great career prospects. Therefore, there are many individuals who dream about the possibility to be among the students of this establishment. As far as Harvard is an authoritative university, it has its high requirements concerning the admission.

Harvard admission test

Very often, as a part of admission test, a future candidate is asked to perform a good Harvard essay, according to which he or she is going to be evaluated. To sound objective, each student has to write this task based on the personal experience. Admittedly, writing this type of essay is much harder than it might sound. The task might be even more complicated in case you have never worked on the admission assignments before. Actually, you should keep this information in your mind when covering your paper.

Harvard essay guidelines

First of all, you need to consider the required size of your Harvard essaywhich should be about 500 or 600 words long. From this very reason, it is imperative for you to choose what to present firstly, either your academic achievements or the personal qualities. In addition, you need to care about the proper structure for your paper. In general, your essay should consist of an introduction, few body paragraphs and a conclusion. Remember that each body paragraph must describe only one unique idea. Speaking about the conclusion, it should restate the thesis statement previously mentioned in the introduction and summarize the main points of the performed Harvard essay. Finally, you should realize that your piece of writing must answer the main questions that Harvard Admission Committee might be interested in:

  • Why would you like to enroll in this institution?
  • What makes you different from the rest of the candidates?
  • How can you be useful for Harvard University?

Additional assistance

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