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German Coursework is worth 25% of the GCSE examination marks. In order to make sure you gain the best possible marks for your coursework project you need to think about the following points. It is important not only that you consider them whilst completing your work, but that you also make it known to the examiner how you have considered them and what you decided.

The most important thing to do is to stay focused and know the questions and issues in the course work and the specific area where you have to concentrate. Different study and subjects have to be approached in diverse manners of operations.

Ask somebody who has not done a similar piece of work his or her opinion and guidance. A parent might help. Read a good range of books in German to find useful words and phrases. Keep a special book to record words you come across which you may want to use in the german coursework.

Those not of the volk use und always. Try to replace Und with other possible words. Using words like Danach, deswegen, weil, denn, da, aber, sondern, and immerhin is guaranteed to give you better marks.

Learn to make notes of nouns, verbs and so on in the book when ever you come across them. One way to learn is to imagine you are in Germany and try to speak or rephrase simple sentences in German. It is really fun. No one will make fun because you will be doing the exercise in your mind.

If you have friends who prepare for an exam you can spend half an hour a day on a random title for each one to write or speak on. You must be able to correct one another. If you are genuinely interested in the language, you will learn it in no time. Set aside half an hour, twice a week, to spend time thinking about and revising or writing some comments for your german coursework. Go over past work and particularly corrections to see how you can improve.

Make it a point to listen if possible on radio any German broad casts. Try to get tapes and recordings of simple events and stories which you can read and listen to. Take time to write small notes in the language and get it corrected and revised. Remember that the German coursework will test you for accuracy, language, content and grammar. If you achieve spontaneity you will gain more. It is possible by trying out the language.

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