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The GCSE course especially in math is essential for those intending to pursue a higher education especially in the science and accounting stream. Mathematics is useful in any area of business or general employment and therefore the importance of this course cannot be overemphasized.

About the Course

The course is designed to give the learner a foundation in the basics of mathematics. The student learns the very basic of this science namely the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The learner also gets to explore the intricacies of algebra.

One may imagine that a very through previous knowledge is required to appear for the test and the candidate ought to be math wizard. It is a misconception. Any one with a will to learn can take up the course, and be successful; not only at the exams but at the more exacting gcse maths coursework that one has to submit. No special qualifications are required, and you are allowed to use a scientific calculator. You may need some instruments like compasses, a protractor and also some graph paper.

The GCSE math course and the gcse maths course work will test your knowledge in these areas of mathematics: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division and fractions.
Geometry: Length and Area, theorem of Pythagoras, and graphs.
Algebra: Solving Equations, Trigonometry and allied subjects.
GCSE maths coursework will include problems from the above with other subjects like Collection and Hypothesis Testing.

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The GCSE qualification will open many doors to the successful candidate and therefore the student must commit himself to winning it. That is why a tutor is recommended, for with proper guidance the preparations are easy. The support from the tutor is invaluable, for other than guidance, the tutor keeps you motivated and focused on the exam.

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