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The Five Paragraph Essay

Academic Help with the Five Paragraph Essay

Surely, composing a five paragraph essay is a skill which will serve you throughout your education. Of course, sometimes it’s more effective to structure an essay in a different format, yet you probably have to rely on the five-paragraph format in most cases, as it is going to help you develop and organize your ideas in writing.

In general, this type of essay is composed of:

  • introduction
  • three main body paragraphs
  • conclusion

Consider that the introduction of your paper should start with a general discussion of the subject and lead to the thesis. Very often it begins with a surprising story or challenging claim to catch the reader’s attention. Generally speaking, the thesis of your essay should tell what your argument is and what the main body paragraphs of your essay are to deal with.

Besdies, each main body paragraph of your essay should be focused on a single idea which must support and correspond to your thesis. Thus, each paragraph must have a clear topic sentence, explanation and discussion necessary to state the viewpoint. To make your ideas clear and convincing, you should use specific examples and details that would prove your contemplations

The conclusion of your research paper should begin with the restatement of your main point in a paraphrased form. Then you should add few sentences that would emphasize the significance of the topic as well as importance of your view. Here you must think about the type of feelings or ideas you want to leave your readers with.

Admittedly, while working on your five paragraph essay pay attention to the transitions that connect paragraphs with one another. The beginning of one paragraph and the end of the previous one should show the relationship between two ideas; it is not effective to jump from one idea to the next. Finally, think about your topic and brainstorm till you find relevant links between them.

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