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Dealing with Exploratory Essay

What makes an exploratory essay different from other essay types is that you begin without an ending in mind. Thus, you don’t know what you would like to say about the subject, or how you feel about it, yet allow your own direction and the research to determine the outcome.

The exploratory essay have much in common with the inquiry essay by making you contribute to a wide range of arguments, and widening your vision to the whole conversation. The focus of this type of writing is a question rather than a thesis.

Generally speaking, an exploratory essay can be composed in two ways that produce different effects: the retrospective strategy is used to produce more artistically designed essays while the in-process strategy produces immediacy.

Exploratory papers are used to chronicle your research actions as well as contemplations on the issue that result from those actions. They address rhetorical and content-oriented questions about possible responses to the issue under consideration.

Most often such writings consider the weaknesses and strengths of different solutions to a problem.

The focus of the exploratory essay is a question: the writer begins to get a picture of the topic as he proceeds with his research. Sometimes more questions lead to the further research of the topic. Such type of writing addresses both rhetorical and content-oriented questions. As the writer researches, he considers both sides of the issue trying to answer a number of specific questions.

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