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Essay Structure

Essay Structure Tips

Indeed, essay writing is an integral part of studying process at any educational institution. In actual fact, the students tend to be assigned to compose this type of writing for evaluating purposes. Being a student, your task is to structure all your ideas concerning the topic in an understandable manner so that your target audience would be able to easily and smoothly follow your thoughts. At the same time, you need to remember that essay structure is vital for this activity. The thing is that your writing will be successful only if it is logically composed. Actually, there are many ways for structuring your essay, but the most common one includes an introduction, few body paragraphs and a comprehensive conclusion.

Performing a good essay introduction

In reality, the introduction of any piece of writing plays a very important role in the whole essay structure. First of all, it usually engages the attention of the target audience. Besides, it provides the brief information on the plot of the future essay. Admittedly, a brilliant essay introduction should necessarily include a thesis statement as well as the main ideas discussed in the body paragraphs. To make sure you are moving in the right direction, you have to take the following steps:

  1. Write the first sentence of your introduction and check if it really engages your readers’ interest.
  2. Secondly, you have to provide the main ideas for your introduction.
  3. Finally, you should identify the thesis statement of your essay and restate it in your own words, in such a way providing the main argument which is going to be discussed in your assignment.

Working on the body paragraphs

The most essential principle of a winning essay structure lies in the fact that each sentence of the essay body paragraph should be logically derived from the previous one. This means that all ideas must be connected with each other. Besides, you need to put yourself a question: “how does your idea link to the previous sentence and to the previous essay paragraph?” Keep in mind that each paragraph should state only one idea, which is usually mentioned in the first sentence and further developed in 3 or 4 additional sentences. Remarkably, to write a good essay paragraph, you have to answer the following questions:

  1. How many ideas are there in your paragraphs?
  2. How they relate to each other?
  3. Are these ideas connected with your thesis statement?
  4. How many sentences do you use to develop one thought?

Writing a logical essay conclusion

Traditionally, an essay conclusion restates the thesis statement, mentions the most vital ideas and provides the results derived from the discussed issue. When you are working on your conclusion, you need to keep in mind that it is a kind of the summary which incorporates all previously stated ideas. In addition, you should not forget to write the thesis statement once again in order to keep the focus on the main subject of the performed essay. Usually, the conclusion is about 4-5 sentences long. Besides, make sure that it has the answers on all hypotheses mentioned in the introduction.

To sum up, essay writing is one of the most important tasks that one might be assigned either in the high school or at the college. Therefore, it should be taken seriously by all students. One has to take into account that all requirements and deadlines should be met.

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