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Essay Conclusion

How to Write a Reasonable Conclusion

There is a popular statement which says: while a brilliant introduction provides a target reader with a favorable initial impression, a valid conclusion leaves him or her with a lasting memory. Actually, this is the main aim you have to pursue being busy with your essay conclusion. In general, this concluding part of your paper fulfills three vital functions: it provides the target audience with the sense of completeness; it puts a strong emphasis on the main material; and it calls the reader for action.

Finish with a brief summary

Generally speaking, a traditional method to conclude your essay is to restate your thesis statement which is at the same time the main idea of your paper. Besides, you should summarize the main supportive points you previously mention in the body paragraphs of your research. Usually such type of essay conclusion is natural for the long works involving few essential viewpoints. However, such gradual enumeration of thoughts can be frequently met in the short essays as well. At the same, time you have to make it sure that you do not state each idea and thesis word for word, as it is a matter of stylistic mistake.

Finish with the comments

The second strategy for writing your essay conclusion is closely connected with commenting stage. This means that you have to involve your own viewpoint, suggestions, pieces of advice and predictions concerning the discussed topic. Here you have to take into account that these comments should be logical and understandable for the audience. In a word, they should not include any new claims or arguments.

Finish with a call for action

To make people somehow react after reading your paper, you can put them direct questions. For example, you can ask the readers for recommendations or suggestions to improve and change the current situation.  Such approach is acknowledged to be effective and applicable for covering the concluding paragraph. It is true that the reader is more likely to respond to your suggestions than your offers.

Finish with the framing

It is worth mentioning that this strategy is widely spread among the professional writers. It insists in reminding about the ideas and images mentioned in the introduction. In layman’s terms, this might be called as “echoing”. For instance, you are free to refer back to the anecdote you have stated in the introductory sentence of your essay and then to show how it is stills relevant. In addition, it is possible to offer your solution to the raised problem or to provide your own answer on the discussed question. Briefly, such sorts of essay conclusion provide the target with a kind of closure it expects to feel. Finally, you need to make it sure that you have spent enough time on planning and writing stages of your ending section. Keep in mind that a winning conclusion always makes a strong impact on the target reader.

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