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Tips in Editing Term Paper

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Doing Your Own Term Paper Editing

Editing is not limited to correcting grammatical lapses. Rewriting, deleting and additions of words, sentences and paragraphs may be needed to reshape the entire paper for consistency, coherence, and for effect.

The first step in editing is reading the entire paper. Don’t make any corrections when you have not finished reading the sentence. Replace passive verbs with active verbs, correct the tenses and keep prepositional phrases to a minimum.

Watch out for inconsistencies of thought. Subject headings and sub-headings to editing is it coherent with the content it heads. Check out each paragraph. Is a paragraph containing two separate ideas?

The next step in editing is correcting the punctuations. A misplaced comma or semi-colon can change the context of the sentence. Correct faulty grammar and check citations against the bibliography, and be alert to typos.

Common Mistakes

Students often make faulty punctuations. They place a semi-colon where a comma can suffice, or use commas to bracket phrases. They also tend to add words or sentences when it is not necessary.

Other common mistakes are:


The agreement of subject and verb especially when there’s a word between them

Use of possessive nouns

Use of collective nouns

Prepositional phrases

Participial phrases

Joining two independent clauses

Use of punctuations with quotation marks

Consistency of verbs in mood and tone


A well organized paper exhibits coherence of thoughts. All throughout the content, sentences and paragraphs are unified to promote the same idea. The following are the different methods of organization that promotes unification of thoughts:

Examples and illustration



Comparison and Contrast


Cause and Effect


Classification and Definition

Paragraphs should be well-developed and contain comprehensive information on the idea, but this can be continued to the next paragraph with the proper transitional sentence. The paper also suffers when there are abrupt changes in viewpoints, so stick to your thesis statement.

The content in the different sections supports the conclusion, which should also corroborate the thesis statement. Since the Conclusion is the last effort to convince your readers, write it effectively.

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