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Critical Analysis Essay

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Critical analysis essay, contrary to what most people think, writing is rather a complicated task that requires much effort on part of the writer. However, following writing tips listed below you are sure to make it more sophisticated and impressive.

1. Undergo a critical investigation of the chosen topic taking careful notes.

2. In case you use secondary sources keep in mind that you should be able to express the argument of the work before extraction points from it. Remember that you’re expected to evaluate and understand, and not merely copy.

3. Critical analysis essay should develop a thesis statement. In order to define and narrow your particular subject review your material until you take a position on the chosen topic. This thesis should be formulated in a sentence or two.

4. Organize your analysis in the light of this thesis or argument.

5. Prepare a detailed plan or outline before writing the draft of your critical essay. While doing this check that there are no contradictions in your argument, no irrelevant points, no gaps in your reasoning, and no acknowledged assumptions.

6. Write a draft of your paper based on the structure outlined in section.

7. The final version of your critical analysis essay should be written on double-spaced sheet with wide margins. Try to finish your writing a few days before it’s due which will allow you to make revisions.

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