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Prime Research Paper Cover Page

Writing a Brilliant Cover Page for Your Term Paper

There is always something to be said for the first impression. Basically, this is what a research paper cover page is. This first impression is very important because it will send a message to your professor before he or she gets involved into the reading of your paper. In reality, this is going to influence the overall result that your research paper ultimately tends to receive. So, making that first impression a great one is vital for getting a good grade and positive feedbacks.

This brings us to what the research paper cover page should include in fact. Admittedly, the following is a list of vital information that all educational establishments require to be presented on a term paper:

  1. First and last name
  2. Title of the research paper
  3. Due date of the project
  4. Professor’s name
  5. Class title
  6. Period
  7. School

Basic rules for research paper cover page

In fact, the cover page format is a personal choice matter. However, there are always certain things to remember. Of course, you don’t want your research paper cover page to look sloppy and unattractive. This means that some basic rules should be followed to ensure a proper level of neatness and quality. 

  • Never use more than two fonts. 
  • Keep your format simple (avoid excessive pictures, tables, schemes etc).
  • Use material that will not and does not overpower the text itself.
  • Once you pick a specific format, stick to it.
  • Don’t jump back and forth between styles. This will make your page seem bad-organized.

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