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Controversial Research Paper Topics

Controversial research paper topics are problem questions about which people are likely to have divergent viewpoints leading to much debate and argument. Such opinions and feelings are usually due to political, social, and religious beliefs while disputable issues tend to polarize people making strong pro and con arguments.

Such topics are usually subject of many assignments as students are required to locate arguments for and against subjects in persuasive writings, hot topic papers, position papers, argumentative papers, or current issue papers.

Listed below are some of the most controversial research papers topics that can be well considered for your essay: abortion, animal rights, anti-antisemitism, assisted suicide, bioethics, business ethics, capital punishment, civil liberties and anti-terrorism measures, cloning, corporate corruption, creationism, drug legalization, drug testing, Black English, euthanasia, false memory, freedom of the press, gay rights, hate crimes, Holocaust reparations, homelessness, illegal immigration, media and terrorism, mental health policy, multiculturalism, political ethics, school violence, separation of state and church, social security, violence in the media, and workplace diversity among others. They were chosen because of their strong moral or religious content.

While choosing a topic for your paper make sure you will be able to present strong evidence supporting your viewpoint so that your audience will assume your point of view.

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