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Contrast essay is generally regarded as one of the most wide-spread paper types in academic writing. Such written assignments follow a specific question, and are comparatively easy to complete. And while there are a few ways to compose this type of an essay, the most important thing to remember is its structure

A good essay should be structured in the following essay format:

1. Introduction which should open generally and lead to the thesis statement.

2. Topic 1 that consists of one or a few paragraphs and covers only the first topic of the disparity. This type of an essay involves two topics and illustrates how they are different or similar.

3. Topic 2 that covers the second of the two topics Topic 1 shouldn’t be discussed in this section.

4. After analyzing Topic 1 and Topic 2 independently you are expected to analyze them together. Dedicate on or several paragraphs to this section.

5. The conclusion of your writing should be a generalization of the thesis statement. This part of your writing should express your knowledge of the subject matter. You should also reaffirm your thesis statement and show you have proven it.

Essay may be written in an alternative way:

1. Introduction.

2. All comparisons: this section should include all similarities that you find in the two topics you are covering in your paper. At least three comparisons should be mentioned.

3. All contrasts: this section should consist of all differences you find in the two topics.

4. Conclusion that restates the thesis into more official way.

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