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Irrespective of the specifics involved, essay contest boils down to one critical moment: how efficiently can you write under pressure”Listed below are some tips for those interested in such contests.

Make sure you have complete understanding of all rules, and follow them to the letter. Most frequently the rules of any essay contest are posted on the entry form or on the company’s web site. You should also make sure you know where to send your entry, the exact nature of the essay question and what forms should be included. If you are not sure of a specific requirement, check for possible ways to get clarification.

Remember essay topic and word limits. Since you have a few words to convey your sincerity these words need to be focused and powerful.

With strict word limits particular attention should be paid to adjectives that may be helpful in conveying strong meaning behind your words;

Very often essay contests don’t have any limits on number of entries one person may send as these entries considerably differ. Many contestants stop after one entry which reduces their chances of winning. It’s not difficult to change your angle on the majority of subjects and it will help you increase you chances to win. Brainstorm angles and ideas before settling on several actual entries. However you should remember that if you use too many entries in one contest you may be competing against yourself.

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