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Computer Science Dissertation

Computer Science Dissertation Writing

Frequently students encounter a number of challenges when writing their computer science dissertation. Listed below is a list of some writing tips that can be useful in technical computer science paper.

– make definite assertions avoiding colorless and hesitating language;

– use simple sentences as they are considered as more effective. Long and convoluted phrases distract from the point you are trying to make;

– be consistent in your writing style, don’t switch between different conventions or notations within one paper. Remember that the style of your computing dissertation shouldn’t distract the readers from the concepts you try to communicate;

– use online resources;

– use citations. However you should keep in mind that a citation isn’t a part of the sentence and hence, plays no grammatical role in the sentence. Unless required by restrictions of a conference or journal, use more than cryptic number of citations;

– don’t start a sentence with symbols;

– don’t use notation with multiple sub- or super-scripts.

While working on your computer science dissertation you should be inclusive with your thinking. Don’t let your ideas be eliminated too quickly. Try to be expansive in your thinking which will contribute to your creativity. The best way is to write down your ideas. This provides you with the opportunity to revisit your idea later on or change and modify an idea. Try not to be influenced by what you think others expect form you.

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