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Computer Research Paper

Computer research paper creation requires significant technical skills and writing experience in the required field. What you find below are notes applying to technical writing in computer science with the emphasis on papers in networks and systems.

Such essays are generally divided into two broad categories: original papers and survey papers. There are also papers combining two elements.

A really beneficial computer research paper should have a clear problem statement, the proposed solution and achieved results. It should describe what is new and what has already been achieved on the problem. The overreaching goal of your writing is to describe technical results. The latter can be divided into the following types: an algorithm; a performance evaluation obtained through simulation, measurements, and analysis; a system construct including software system and hardware design; and a theory consisting of theorems.

While working on your computer research paper stay focused on identifying novel aspects of results, describing results in detail to prove their validity, and identifying significance of the results, what impact and improvements they suggest.

As for the structure of your essay it should include an abstract, an introduction, outline of a paper, body part, conclusion, acknowledgments, bibliography, and appendix. It is strongly recommended to write the approach and result section first followed by the problem section and introduction.

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