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How to Make Your Compare and Contrast Essay Excellent?

Compare and Contrast EssayCompare and contrast essay from www.MasterPapers.com critically discuses various points for comparison and differences of two objects from the same category. To discuss areas for comparisons and differences properly, you are to be familiar with those two objects; hence, research is done on two subjects, not one as it can be thought.

A classic example for this type of writing is comparing and contrasting cases of World War I and World War II. Admittedly, Masterpapers.com team of professional and qualified writers have the experience, depth and range required to provide you with a good comprehensive paper focusing on the major points of the two different but similar subjects. If you need professional input for your writing assignment, masterpapers.com writers will help you to determine overlapping areas showing shared attributes of features or grounds of dissimilarities of selected objects.

Start Point of Your Essay

Firstly, you are to pick up your topic and choose areas for comparing and differentiating. If the topic is about WW1 and WW2, what are the areas for investigation. Keep in mind that it is vital to be specific. This will guide you throughout your research work and the organization of the content itself. 

Secondly, you should put critical questions. Why did you choose the topic? Are you going to show new ideas? Show the same idea but show its relevance to those times. Or are you going to point out which is more significant, the similarities or the differences? What the reader is going to gain from your paper? What is meant to be said? What does the professor want from this written piece?Compare and Contrast Essay

Thirdly, you have to be careful when choosing the objects for your compare and contrast essay. The main clue is to select objects with the biggest number of similarities; however, they should not be incomparable objects. Do not compare WW1 with the oil industry, or compare pythons with horses. But you can compare a small town basketball team with a big city team and draw heavily on your research to float the similarities and contrasts.

Pointers and Tips

You can start with the comparisons and shift to the differences of the objects under study. But you should remember to double check in order to guide your reader throughout the paragraphs. Besides, you have the option to adopt a subject-by-subject comparison/contrast or a point-by-point approach. Additionally, you need to use some cue words that are either comparing or differentiating some objects.

Cue words like "similar to, similarly, likewise, compared to" are just a few of the prompt words you can use while making comparison. Once showing differences, you signal the reader with "however, but, despite, on one hand".

This type of paper will adhere to the basic rules and conventions in writing. Moreover, such following issues are essential for your success:

  1. Selection of essay topics
  2. Relevance of discussion to the school subject
  3. Sustained and focused argument
  4. Highlights of major interests
  5. Presentation of new information
  6. Consistency of narration

Compare and Contrast EssayLike the 5 paragraph essay, you have to start your paper with a good attention-grabbing statement. In actual fact, you should make a bold stand and thread together the different paragraphs without losing a sight of thesis argument. The conclusion has to restate your thesis statement and should be strong enough to summarize your points towards your recommendation/s and observation/s.

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