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A College Application Essay is perhaps the most important document which you write. A properly crafted paper will help you get admission to the school you are interested in. The admission process itself is hyper competitive and there are probably hundreds of other students who have similar academic goals and in fact, some of them may have better qualifications than you. So you should know how to write the perfect paper that will be noticed by the college committee. Your resume, grades and other qualifications are static data and are just figures, which show that you are qualified. But the admission paper will help to convince the authorities that you exceptionally suit for their college. However, the document will speak evocatively much more than grades.

Purpose of your application essay

The goals of the college admission paper should be to highlight your achievements, state your ideals and aspirations and you should know how to write the paper with gusto so that the passion comes out strongly. You would be seeking entrance for specific schools and courses, such as law, medicine, management, marketing, teaching, astronomy and so on. So the paper should subtly direct attention to your interests, motivation, aspirations and goals in seeking admission to a particular course. It should be written in five paragraphs and about 500 words long.

Eye-catchy beginning

If you are in search for a course in astronomy, begin with an attention grabbing paragraph like the following one: “As I gaze at the starry skies on a new moon night, the bright twinkling heavenly bodies remind me of the immensity of the universe and all the readings and courses I have taken drive my subconscious. Our earth is but a small speck of dust in the immensity of the heavens and I realize how puny we are. But this is my planet and as I stand gazing lost in the mystery of the milky way, I feel an innate urge to learn more, explore the vastness of the universe and I feel as our ancestors felt as they stared at a shooting star or an eclipse, an awe and a hunger to learn more in a scientific manner. As I gaze on the enormity of deep space it beckons to me as if saying, come hither, learn more about me and sample the wonders that nature has created, I know that astronomy is my calling”.

Paragraph development

The next paragraphs should now explain what activities you have taken in school to support your interest in this field, why you have selected the particular school and how the course would help to achieve your ambitions. Conclude the paper with a statement that should justify your choice of the course and college. Get more useful tips on how to write an essay, how to make a good law  and English essays, how to order essays online.

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