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Chicago Essay

Chicago Style Paper and Its Basic Features

To start with, to perform a brilliant Chicago essay,each student has to be aware of the basic nuances required by this style of writing. Logically, it is impossible to succeed with any paper without the profound knowledge of the citation style. It is clear that various establishments give their preferences to different methods of arranging used sources within the body of an essay as well as on the references page. Even though a student is good at writing MLA essay or APA essay, chances are high that he or she are likely to face some problems when it comes to Chicago essay. The thing is that the guidelines for formatting this type of paper considerably differ from the traditional way.

Formatting your Chicago essay

Admittedly, this writing format is well-known for the frequent usage of footnotes and endnotes. Especially this format is valued when an author should incorporate great number of commentaries into his or her research paper. Usually the footnotes began on the page where they are originally referenced. Interestingly, this footnote might run over into the next page. Thanks to the horizontal line, it is easy to distinguish the footnotes from the text itself. In actual fact, there are some more tips concerning Chicago essay that are worth your attention.

  • The text proper should be double spaced and in 12-point font.
  • All block quotes, endnotes, footnotes and bibliographic sources are single-spaced and indented.
  • Page number in the introductory section should be Roman numerals while the rest of the paper should use Arabic ones.
  • Traditionally, the page numbers of the body are centered horizontally at the very bottom. Speaking about the other sections, they have their page numbers centered at the top.
  • Finally, chapter numbers must be capitalized Roman.

General steps to follow

Like any other piece of writing, Chicago essay needs logics in performance. Therefore, you should take some steps that are going to help you to cope with this assignment. Remarkably, it is advisable to start with the selection of the topic. Accomplishing this task, you have to remember that the narrower your subject is, the it can be researched. Of course, it would be wise of you if you chose the issue you are interested in. Afterwards, it is vital to deal with the collecting of needed information. Thanks to the advancement of modern technologies, you are free to use both online and offline sources. However, do not forget to mention all of them in your Reference page. Otherwise, your Chicago essay will be treated as the plagiary. Before fulfilling your assignment, you should get acquainted with your supervisor’s instructions. But if you have any other questions or doubts in terms of this type of writing, make sure you have an access to contact MasterPapers.com.

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