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Should YouTube Comments Be Regulated?

YouTube comments are not regulated that is why YouTube has turned to the wall with offensive comments. People writing them should be somehow punished or banned. Our studies give the full picture of what is going on on YouTube.

YouTube Comments: Keep Them Regulated!

When was the last time you took a long, hard look at the comments on YouTube? They’re a real treat to read, aren’t they? Not exactly – rarely are these comments good-natured or written to encourage or applaud the person who posted the video. More so, many YouTube comments are quite hateful in nature, and they embarrass and chastise the poster – and these comments often go entirely too far. When it comes down to it, YouTube has been overrun by these harsh, often-racist and very ignorant, harmful and offensive comments. Something needs to be done, because these YouTube comments, yes, should be regulated and monitored; better yet, YouTube should have a function that regulates comments according to the individual’s preferences.

One way that YouTube could regulate comments and cater preferences for a user is by weeding out the use of explicit language in comments. Perhaps when signing in to YouTube for the first time, a user would be better served by picking or entering the words they do not wish to see, the type of language that offends them and their family; maybe a survey of some sort. This way, any comments bearing this kind of offensive language will not be seen by this user when one reads comments to videos they view. This service would actually further advance YouTube, as the comment preferences will retain (rather than repel) viewers and attract additional users and viewers.

YouTube Should Eliminate Attacking Comments

YouTube could also further regulate its Website’s content by eliminating comments that are negative or attacking in nature. These are the kind of senseless, mean-spirited, racist comments you see posted on Social Media all too much: words filled with hatred, envy or anger.

Yes, people have their right to speak freely, but an everyday user should have the option to not see such language. Unless they want to engage in the discussion, as in offering their report or approval of such filth, they should have the ability, as a YouTube user, to filter out these kinds of comments that negative and argumentative in nature. This would require YouTube being regulated to a great extent, but it’s something necessary and worthwhile.

YouTube could regulate its comments that possess a sexual nature, whether it is sexism, sexual harassment of another user or profanity in terms of sexual language. These types of comments should be regulated because a user has the right to let their young children view a YouTube video without fearing they will come across bad sexual language – language that children clearly are not mature enough to hear. Once again, everyone’s YouTube page should be different, with different preferences that range from adult control to language control. The user should be able to choose what they want to see and read on their personal YouTube page. If the Website makes money from advertisements sold by page views (made by the user), then the user should have a say in how they ultimately experience the product – because they are essentially the customers.

Users Should Have the Choice of What to See

To conclude this argument, that YouTube should regulate its millions of user comments, it’s important to consider the facts:

Fact 1. A good portion of the people posting nasty, mean, anger-filled comments are teens and lazy, angry and jobless adults. This makes for a multitude of self-centered nonsense from ignorant people.

Fact 2. People can post comments anonymously on YouTube, therefore, without consequence. A person can pretty much say anything they want on this Social Media platform and not have to fear to get any real punishment for their comments – other than feedback from other users.

Fact 3. Also, every single living person has a right to avoid filthy, nonsensical and violent language – especially on such a highly esteemed website such as YouTube.

Looking back over these facts, you will understand why YouTube must regulate its comments. It’s time for the user to have a little control over the kind of content they see on their Social Media pages – and that certainly includes YouTube. Users should have the choice of filtering their account’s preferences so that they will never have to see comments from others that do not pertain to or favor them, comments that are harsh and cruel in nature and utterly repugnant. There should be choices – YouTube is, after all, an American-based company with billions of International users. People in America have choices. You would think the Billion-Dollar website would be more open to choices.

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