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Top 50 Psychology Paper Topic Ideas of 2018 You Can Borrow

Sometimes, coming up with an effective topic for a college paper is more challenging than the actual research and writing. This is especially true if you are a psychology student. Psychology is one of the broadest fields in the academic spectrum so you want to pick a topic which lets you adequately cover the subject without spreading yourself thin. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too narrow because it will be very difficult to find enough sources of information.

To choose an interesting and fresh topic for your psychology research paper, you must spend plenty of time researching and brainstorming. If you don’t want to rack your brains on looking for a viable subject to discuss in your paper, just select one from the list below! We’ve attempted to capture the vast nature of psychology in the compilation of 50 topics in different branches of the science. Scroll down to find a perfect topic that suits your interests and area of expertise!

  1. Is child obesity a result of parental negligence? Should it be considered child abuse?
  2. Link between psychological stress during pregnancy and preterm birth
  3. Effects of abortion on women’s mental health: evaluation and evidence
  4. Most common reasons for eating disorder or apathy towards food in teenagers
  5. Dating violence and abuse among teenagers
  6. Gender differences in long- and short-term memory in adults
  7. Natural therapies for mental illnesses: are there any safe and effective alternatives to drugs?
  8. How does rapid eye movement sleep affect mood, memory, and self-concept?
  9. Place and importance of games in the cognitive development of a preschool child
  10. Can video games have positive psychological and emotional effects on adult mental health?
  11. Can longer maternity leave lower the risks of postpartum depression?
  12. Impact of infertility on women’s mental health and ways to prevent mental disorders in infertile women
  13. Link between obesity and mental health. Mental disorders which obesity may trigger
  14. Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder in returning soldiers: causes and treatment
  15. How can a person with OCD prevent their disorder from taking over their life?
  16. Effects of chronic stress and anxiety on physical health
  17. Is there a genetic basis for violent behavior?
  18. Residents of which country have the best mental health? What are the reasons?
  19. Is there a link between creativity and mental illness?
  20. Music and the Mind: is music therapy effective for treating mental disorders?
  21. Connection between religion (spirituality) and mental health
  22. What are the most successful methods for marriage therapy and counseling?
  23. How does the work environment affect the worker’s performance, motivation, and self-esteem?
  24. Impact of birth order on children’s behavior, emotions, and personality development
  25. Psychological problems of homeless people in your country
  26. What are the best ways of promoting mental health in the workplace?
  27. Can gender segregation affect the quality of education?
  28. How do mental sets impact the ability to solve problems?
  29. Are individuals with type A behavior pattern more likely to succeed in learning institutions?
  30. How does bipolar disorder affect the everyday life of a person?
  31. Psychological and physical effects of telling lies
  32. Impact of a family member’s learning disabilities on the whole family unit
  33. Effects that speech disorders have on the cognitive development in children
  34. Emotional, financial, and physical abuse of the elderly: causes and effects
  35. Are compassion and altruistic acts more common in societies with the high level of well-being?
  36. Can the use of the internet in class be tied to lower test scores?
  37. Effects of social media reactions (‘likes’) on teens’ behavior and self-concept
  38. Psychological consequences of sexting on teenage children
  39. Psychology blogs: do they help the public understand psychology?
  40. Are there any health risk of having
  41. What are the health risks of false self-presentation on Facebook?
  42. Influence of unemployment on the mental health of the working age person
  43. Link between expressive writing and mental health
  44. Depression among older adults in nursing homes
  45. Do extraverts feel more satisfied with their lives than extroverts? Why?
  46. Effect of different phobias on personality
  47. Can a specific color of paper help improve students’ test scores?
  48. Do action films cause people to eat more snacks during a movie?
  49. Optimism Vs. pessimism: different impacts on psychological health
  50. Typical mother-daughter conflicts in your country: causes and solutions

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