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Oxford student

Being an Oxford student means carrying lots of responsibilities on one’s shoulders. The pupils of this esteemed university are expected to excel not only in studies and other related activities but also in character and discipline. The entire world looks for highest of qualities in these pupils so not only taking admission but also carrying out the responsibility of being a part of this place is difficult. The main motto of the pupils of this university is to not only be responsible and educated members of their institution but also of the society at large and use shared experiences to improove your studies. The sense of discipline and high values are not only within university premises but also outside that.

The most efficient teaching and non-teaching staff help the pupils. They are supposed to follow a rigorous curriculum, which is an amalgamation of academic, extra curricular, vocational and personality development classes. The classes provided to them are extremely well planned and well delivered, therefore the pupils are supposed to display the highest level of attendance not only physically but also mentally. Apart from this they should be excellent with their assignments and consult their tutors if in any doubt so that they are able to produce a good piece of work without any requirement of revision. They are also expected to be very punctual with the submission of their assignments.

Since there is an ongoing system of evaluation, the pupils are supposed to be constantly on their heels in order to excel in their education. Sometimes all this takes a toll on a pupil’s mental and physical health. In such difficult situations there are also counselling facilities for them to open up and share all their stress, fears and dilemmas. They should be strong enough to cope with these because the university life gives just a taste of the bumpy ride of life that lies ahead. If one falters in the very first step then it would be difficult to cope up with the future challenges both on and off campus.

These days, pupils are becoming the soft preys of drugs and other illicit substances. Falling prey to these weak and temporary support systems speaks a lot about one’s personal integrity and inner strength. The pupils of this university should be an epitome of strength and personal growth so that others take an example from their conduct. Of late there have been news that pupils of this university have started indulging in these as a means of getting rid of their stress. This is unfortunate and also a way of degrading such a reputed institution’s name. So for the sake of one’s health and the reputation of the university they should shun these habits as soon as possible. There are many centers that help pupils to come out of this. They can also take help of their parents, tutors and peers.

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Becoming an Oxford student means putting behind hordes of students. There is a tough competition to get admission in the university. Once you are into it don’t loose your focus. Try to get the most out of it and at the same time maintain its high standards.