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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics: Complete List of the Best Ideas

A rhetorical analysis essay is a piece of academic writing in which the writer deeply analyzes the language and its functions. In this type of essay, it is essential to give an explanation of how the words, phrases, and methods the author used influenced the audience; whether he managed to persuade or inform the readers. In fact, the complexity of the work depends on the topic you choose. It can be a poem, film, speech, cartoon, or advertising. In this guide, we have gathered the list of top rhetorical analysis topics so you can easily choose your perfect one.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Ideas: How to Select the Best One

Taking into account that the writing process of the rhetorical analysis essay is a way challenging, the topic selection is not easier. If you pick a text for analysis that has no interest to you, it will bring you even more trouble. So let’s find ways to effectively choose the rhetorical analysis essay topic.

  • Focus on your interest. The first factor you should base your rhetorical analysis topics selection process on is your circle of interests. Unless you are given a specific topic by your professor, you can define the most appealing texts for you and start sifting through the content.
  • Define your field of expertise. Being even the most diligent student, it is impossible to know all the subjects. So you should narrow down the topic selection to the field you are an expert in. If you find yourself good at analyzing the literary devices and language of the poems, go for it!
  • Focus on the topic’s extensiveness. Another factor to take into attention when choosing rhetorical analysis topics is whether the topic is broad enough. There should be a lot of resources for your theme so you can gather information from them.
  • Make a little research. At the first glance, it might seem that the topic you choose is popular and impressive, however, it is worth doing a little research to realize whether the topic will be fascinating for your audience and relevant to reality.
  • Brainstorm the ideas. As you define your field of interest and knowledge, you can go on with generating your own ideas. Write down all the topics that come into your mind. And for easier topic selection, you can use the ideas we prepared for you below.

Good Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

As there are so many themes to choose from, we have prepared for you a collection of the best rhetorical analysis topics you can focus on. Our ideas will inspire you to create your exceptional and unique topic.

  • Analysis of the “Enough” thrilled film by Michale Apted
  • “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain
  • “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen
  • Analysis of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”
  • “Every Man a King” – an autobiography by Huey Pierce Long
  • “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler
  • The novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston
  • “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott
  • Analysis of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech
  • Commencement Speech by Steve Jobs
  • “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
  • A novel “Where the Red Fern Grows” by Wilson Rawls
  • Gettysburg Address speech by Abraham Lincoln
  • Nike’s “Want It All” rhetorical analysis
  • Declaration of Independence analysis
  • An anti-utopian satire by George Orwell “Animal Farm”
  • A novel “Ulysses” by James Joyce
  • “The Perils of Indifference” by Elie Wiesel
  • Dudley’s political cartoons’ rhetorical analysis
  • “Surrender Speech” by Chief Joseph
  • “The Great Dictator” political satire film by Charlie Chaplin
  • Analysis of a favorite William Shakespeare poem
  • Rhetorical analysis of symbolism in “Great Gatsby”
  • “An Enemy of the People” play by Henrik Ibsen
  • “Death of a Salesman” play by Arthur Miller
  • “Web of Fries” professional campaign
  • Farewell speech by Lou Gehrig
  • The novel “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie
  • “A Yellow Raft in Blue Water” novel by Michael Dorris
  • Song of Songs – a Song of Solomon.

Rhetorical Topics for Essay: Get Your Inspiration

As you see, there are multiple topics from different areas for your rhetorical analysis. Some of them are more difficult and some of them will be easier for you. So it is quite important to stop on a perfect choice to make the writing process as smooth as possible. In this section, you will get more rhetorical analysis topics to choose from.

  • Analysis of commonly used literary devices
  • Rhetorical analysis of your favorite Ted Talk
  • “The Blind Side” movie
  • What is hidden behind the Mona Lisa’s smile?
  • “See Both Sides of the Story” by BBC
  • Analysis of symbolism in Harry Potter
  • “I Am the Cheese” by Robert Cormier
  • Analysis of rhetorical strategies with examples
  • The symbolism of “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien
  • What literary devices does Jane Austen use in her works?
  • Banquet speech by Bob Dylan
  • “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” by Winston Churchill
  • Virginia Woolf’s literary devices
  • The rhetorical strategies for modern advertising overview
  • “The Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer
  • How do marketers use language to catch the audience’s attention?
  • Rhetorical analysis of the blog of your favorite blogger
  • “I’m lovin’ it” by Macdonald
  • “Fahrenheit 451” novel by Ray Bradbury
  • William Kingdon Clifford’s “The Ethics of Belief”
  • “Guns, Germs, and Steel” non-fiction book by Jared Diamond
  • Analysis of the “Nation Among Nations” by Thomas H. Bender
  • “The Evil Empire” speech by Ronald Reagan
  • “Jurassic Park” movie
  • William Butler Yeats’s “An Irish Airman foresees his Death”
  • Rhetorical Analysis of “A Letter From Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • “England in 1819” political sonnet by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • President Joseph R. Biden’s inaugural address
  • “Almost Famous” film analysis
  • We are Virginia Tech speech by Nikki Giovanni.

Best Rhetorical Analysis Essays: Final List

Even hundreds of topics will not be enough for students to decide on the perfect topic for a rhetorical analysis essay. And that is completely understandable since all the work will depend on the topic selection. We are here to help you with this overwhelming choice so see our final list of rhetorical analysis topics below.

  • Analysis of literary devices in the poem “O, Captain! My Captain!” by Walt Whitman
  • Describe the rhetorical strategies on TV for the beauty industry
  • What rhetoric is used to motivate people to do sport? Provide examples
  • “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath analysis of allegories
  • Analysis of the final speech of Donald Trump as a president of the US
  • Malala Yousafzai’s speech on the Nobel Prize
  • Nelson Mandela’s “I Am Prepared to Die”
  • “The Secret Life of Violet Grant”: the rhetoric of mystery
  • “The Phantom of the Opera” by Gaston Leroux
  • “The Lord of the Flies” by William Golding
  • “Man of Steel” movie analysis
  • Analysis of speech of Salvatore Corsitta in “The Godfather”
  • Rhetorical analysis of the “Titanic”
  • “The Matrix”: what is hidden behind the symbols?
  • Advertisement “Think Different” by Apple
  • The difference in rhetoric between formal and informal speech
  • How does Coca-Cola use logo colors?
  • Analysis of pop culture songs rhetoric
  • “Game of Thrones” rhetorical analysis
  • Analysis of the favorite Bible text
  • What is the rhetoric of the funeral speeches?
  • Are the rhetorical strategies different in the USA and UK?
  • Is language important for the Olympics?
  • How can rhetoric influence the customer’s choice?
  • What is the meaning of playing national anthems at football games?
  • “Romeo and Juliet” play analysis
  • Is there any negative effect of using monologues for catching the audience?
  • Rhetorical comparative analysis of President Obama and President Trump’s speeches
  • What is the rhetoric of religious texts?
  • The visual side of Hollywood films.

Final Words

Choosing the right topic for your essay is an important and responsible task, that is directly connected with the successful writing of your rhetorical analysis essay. For sure the internet nowadays is full of different rhetorical analysis topics, and it may be confusing to choose the one that will suit you the most. Nevertheless, you should take your time to choose the topic you will be interested in. Be sure that after choosing the right topic, your chances for fast and successful writing will increase significantly. And who knows maybe the idea from the list of our rhetorical essay topics will become a basis for your future A+ paper.

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