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How to write literature review chapters for thesis

The literature review of the research paper provides a synthesis of many scholarly documents and articles. The main purpose of the review is to summarize related fields of interests coming from different mediums. The literature review is like a reminder of how significant the topic really is and that having a summarized article for all that relates to the topic is essential.

So what elements should I include in the literature review? How to write a literature review also relates to what contents are involved in the chapter. Let me give you a short list of components that you may include.

  1. The literature review should contain a summary of the subject interest. It should include an overview of the entire topic.
  2. It should contain segments of related works and materials that will reflect the total relevance of the topic at hand.
  3. It must have the explanation of why the materials were considered for the review.
  4. The conclusion part of the literature review should provide explanations and presentations of which materials were considered for arguments and opinions.

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