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How to Write a Literature Review: Basic Summary Papers

How to write a literature review involves some aspects of writing an essay. Actually, it is like writing a summary of another research paper in which you intend to expand the topic interest. In a general sense, a literature review is a compendium of knowledge and details about an already established parameter of research topics. Why is this important? In writing your research paper, a literature review extends the significance factor of your subject interest. This is like telling your readers that other writers have already conducted research about the topic which therefore makes it important and relevant.

How to write a literature review is really simple. First of all, you need to find the resource material that you wish to use. This material can be in a form of a book entry, essay online an article or a journal. In any case, the material source is not important as long as it is reliable and has a definite level of credibility. A literature review is like an essay as mentioned above. It must have a thesis statement, introduction paragraph, body and a conclusion.

What should I put in the literature review contents? You are trying to summarize the results of other work materials. Therefore, explain how these materials conducted their own researches and then highlight their results. Be careful in mentioning data and information and be ready to cite them. You can use an APA research paper format or an MLA style.

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