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Where to Get Personal Essay Examples and Ideas for Your Writing

Who would ever need to write a personal narrative essay? The answer is obvious: a high school graduate who realizes the importance of college. It is one of the major documents that one have to submit to become a student of the higher educational establishment. As you may guess, low acceptance rates of most colleges and universities make the mission rather hard, but competition should only give stimulus.

In this post, the gurus of writing from our professional academic service will explain to you how to write a personal essay, what it is, and where to get ideas for inspiration. Read carefully if you wish to master this art of writing!

A Complete Personal Essay Definition from Experts

What is a personal essay? You should always start with defining an academic paper before working on it. This way, you will better understand the reasons for writing as well as its purposes. So, it is a broad paper that usually incorporates a range of writing styles. It is an essay that should highlight episodes from the author’s life that could have an impact on his or her development and formation. In prompts, they often ask to describe an influential person, event, or time in life that matters to a college applicant. The main objective is to narrate such a moment or case to make it possible for the audience to feel the same way as the writer used to when it happened. Another purpose is to make the readers understand why an author felt that way.

Such assignment incorporates narrative and descriptive writing. Those are the major modes of writing. While a student may prepare a personal goals essay simply to list the objectives, he or she may also come up with the full story. This type of paper is prepared for a college entrance. Only the top applicants with the most interesting and engaging pieces of writing can hope to win that contest. That is generally a detailed personal essay definition. The next thing to discuss in our article is the writing guide to explain the step-by-step process of creating a paper for your application process.

How to Write a Personal Essay: Recommended Structure

So, if you wish to win an application process and become a student of the target college, you should try hard to come up with a great admission essay. If you have a special gift and passion for writing, it will not seem that difficult. However, no matter how good and grammatically correct your final version is, you still risk losing the game as there are too many applicants out there who want to study in the higher educational institution.

That is why it is not enough to rewrite a cool college personal essay example that you find online and hope for the best. It should be an original, motivating piece based on your own story. Still, a common structure for this type of writing exists. You should better stick to it to end up with a well-organized work. If you know how to develop a typical high school essay, it should not be a problem for you, but we will remind you of the outline.

  • Introductory paragraph

Start it with an inspiring statement that experts usually call a bang or hook. The idea is to catch an eye of the admission officers. To “force” them to read your piece in full, it is critical to involve something unique and shocking at the same time like writing gurus such as Stephen King and Joanne Rowling do. Here are some of the most effective ways to begin your work:

  • Jokes
  • Literary terms
  • Famous people or book quotations
  • Statistical data
  • Metaphors, allegories, similes, etc.
  • Rhetorical questions

The integral part of success is a solid thesis statement. That would be your main idea that you’ll have to discuss and support throughout the writing process.

  • Body parts

You should not come up with more than three paragraphs. Do not make your personal paper too long. Just introduce one of the main ideas that relate to your thesis in each paragraph of the body, offer some vivid examples, and conclude. You do not have to use any sort of evidence in most cases as this type of paper is entirely based on your own story, thoughts, and feelings. Thus, the good news is that you should not worry about personal essay formats. You can use MLA as it is the simplest one just to make your work looked organized. Each body paragraph should not exceed ten lines!

  • Concluding paragraph

Be very brief. Simply list the claims from the body and remind the reader about your thesis statement. Conclude with the main reason for the college board to choose your candidacy out of all others.

Smart Tips for Creating a Personal Narrative Essay

No matter whether you are working on a personal value essay or just retelling the story of your life, you can use some effective tips and tricks. Our experts who used to compose plenty of winning personal papers decided to share these hints with you!

  • Incorporate sensory details

Do not focus only on the way the situation took place. Readers usually expect to see more than reasons behind. Bring your audience further into the subject by using different sense: from sound to touch.

  • Search for some personal essay examples

Some colleges publish the top winning essays on their official sites. It does not mean you should simply paraphrase the work. Just grab the ideas that you personally like that could help you conquer the hearts of admission officers.

  • Connect the episode to a larger idea

Do not lose focus on the primary idea. It is about the way the specific situation has impacted you. That would be your thesis statement. Show how each paragraph relates to your central argument.

  • Insert some professional terminology

To show your competence, you may insert some professional terms when writing a personal paper for a specific school. For instance, if you wish to join a medical field one day, you’ll have to come up with a nursing personal essay. That is a good time to show your awareness by providing some medical terminology and explanations in your work. Avoid words that you are not sure about.

3 Excellent College Personal Narrative Essay Examples

Usually, you are not given a specific theme for your personal paper. You may open the official website of the target educational establishment and read the requirements for an application process. There, you may find some specific personal narrative essay examples and prompts that you can use for your own project. Here is how a good idea may look like.

  • A Story That May Scare One

Recall a frightening episode from your life that still makes you shake at night. What exactly happened? Describe the moment in details. Discuss your feelings during the event and after it. Why are you still afraid or not? Remember that fear is one of the most powerful emotions that a human may experience. It can motivate the audience to keep on reading your story with interest. The specific ideas for the paper of this type could include: being trapped in a cave or elevator, lost in the forest, or a weird house. A student may also want to discuss a moment when he or she did not feel safe enough.

  • Times with Your Family

Recall something that took place within your family. You can talk about your parents, siblings, or other relatives. Discuss what happened in details and people who were present there. Was the event sad or funny? Why was that episode so important, and how did it help to improve your relations? You can speak about one’s birth, the death of a close person, or the way you tend to spend holidays with your family members.

  • Brightest School Memory

Even if you hated your school, there should be something that you would like to share with others. Think about something unusual or fun that happened to you during your education. Name people who were present there and their roles. Some of the best personal essay ideas include playing the guitar in front of your class, giving a speech for your first presentation, attending the Prom Night, being rewarded for something, etc. Perhaps, you used to be a high school athlete, and wish to describe this experience.

personal essay topics

There is a big difference between prompts and topics. While the first ones look like mini-instructions, the second category leaves more space for imagination as it is more general. Here are some of the great personal essay topics we would like to share with you:

  • Revealing positive and negative sides of yourself
  • Falling in love for the first time
  • What it feels like being frenemies?
  • Have I ever experienced hatred?
  • The most valuable life lesson taught by my dad
  • Cultural identity and traditions that I stick to
  • Competition motivates: Why I love sports games
  • Personal strength essay: My best qualities
  • The biggest mistake I’ve done at high school

We hope that this information is enough to provide you with a general idea of how good personal writing should look like. For any further questions, you can always contact the team of professional writers from our writing service, and they will help you!

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