What is MLA Format?

Some students are not familiar with the different citation styles that can be used for writing a dissertation paper. Take note that you cannot accomplish writing a thesis paper unless you can cite the resource materials where you will acquire the research results. In this case, understanding ‘what is MLA format’ can really be a necessary thing to do and a part of how to write a research paper understanding.

What is MLA format concerns the general idea of what citation really is. Basically, you are citing your resources because you want to recognize the contribution of these materials in establishing your research results using an MLA research paper style. Also, citing the documents that you have utilized prevents the possibility of committing copyright offenses and therefore prevents plagiarism issues, a big problem for writers.

There are at least three scopes in understanding what MLA format is. Actually, the concept of using differ citation styles only need to take care of the pagination technique, in text citation procedures and the writing process of the bibliography page. For an MLA format, in text citation is done by having the author’s name and the page of his work indicated in the after the cited part of the document: (Garner 3). For the pagination style, you only need to include your surname followed by the corresponding page number: (Boyle 45). The bibliography page entries should always include the following details, author’s name, and publication year, title of the article, city where it was published, publishing company and the page and edition numbers. The title page of the bibliography section is usually indicated as Works Cited page. The entries should be alphabetical in order.

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