Educating Rita essay

Writing Educating Rita essays could be challenging when you don’t have refreshing ideas

With a play like Educating Rita, one is always impressed at the myriad emotions that flow through from beginning to end. Your Educating Rita essay could be one that is more than just a commentary on Willy Russell’s play. Get our help to see how you can make it different. There are many students who focus on the main theme of comparison with the Greek myth, Pygmalion. There is more to this play than just this comparison. Therefore, it would be good for you to consult our writers before choosing a topic or writing an essay on Educating Rita.

Here are some topics you could think of working on

1/-       Educating? Yes, but not Rita alone!

This would be a good topic to work on, because it questions the very premise of the whole play. In the process of educating a simple girl like Rita, the main character of the play, Dr. Frank Bryant starts to learn more about him as well. He becomes aware of his shortcomings, his fears, his love and his anxieties about things that he had never thought of before. Therefore, it could be a search for identity for him as well. This could be written as a critical lens essay too.

2/-       The strength and variations in interpersonal relationships

This could be a topic for a series of Educating Rita essays. Relationships are never single sided. There are many shades to every relationship that one can think of. It is never a good or a bad one; instead there are shades of grey in between. Your writing should be able to catch the tones of this grey so that you are able to portray the layered personalities that figure in the play. In a difficult writing task like this, learning the right essay writing technique is important.

3/-       The only constant thing in life is change

Use this in your Educating Rita essay to your maximum advantage. Everybody and everything undergoes some kind of change or the other. It is not possible for any person to go through life without encountering changes of various hues and colors. When you write a play essay or in other words an essay that describes the nuances of a play, you need to be careful. You need to ensure that you do not misrepresent any part of the play at any point in your essay.

4/-       Comparisons

There are many essays on Educating Rita that have been written, comparing the play to other similar works. The comparison to the Greek myth Pygmalion is the most common. You could also think of the famous play and film, My Fair Lady, where a similar theme and plot are played out. Whatever you are comparing, make sure you have your facts right; you could get into one hell of a mess otherwise.

Take time to write your Educating Rita essays. Commenting on a film or a play is always a challenge, especially when you have not seen the original production. Take your time to study the background, before you begin your essay.

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