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Elements of a good critical essay

Comprehensive knowledge of the topic leads to a good critical essay

Without being completely knowledgeable about the topic, a good critical essay is completely out of the question. You cannot hope to write any kind of essay, if you do not have an insightful and complete view of a particular topic. Let us for a moment imagine that you are going to write an essay on a topic that is of great relevance to the political situation in America today. For instance, if you were going to talk about the presence of America in the Middle East, it would not be possible for you to do complete justice to this topic, if you did not have a complete view of the problem as such. It is also important to understand that the success of any kind of writing depends to a large extent on the preparation for the same. If you are not able to collect and collate the facts that are pertinent to the topic, you will not be able to give a complete and critical view of the subject.

You could be asked to do a critical essay on the involvement of the American people into the affairs of the countries in the region mentioned above. In this case, you would have to do a lot of historical research that focuses on the problems in that specific area. Firstly, your info on the evolution of the problem is quite important. You need to briefly dwell upon the reasons why the problem first started and also the various stakeholders who had a vital role to play in the problem. A close look at the bones of contention would also help you get ahead in this kind of essay writing. In the case of the Middle East, the issue of oil was one of the predominant contentious issues that have come up and continue to do so as well. There is always a lot to be said on either side, when this problem of oil is discussed. Therefore, you could go into the earlier wars and skirmishes that took place between local people even before the advent of the Americans.

Once you have done your initial research for your critical essay, you will find that you are tempted to take sides, one way or the other. The point about writing any kind of critical paper is that you need to bring out all the points, without leaning unnecessarily to one particular side. You need to state reasons why certain factors are to be kept in mind while developing a case for a particular point of view. If you are able to give an unbiased view of the problem, your essay will certainly deserve the praise and marks that it rightfully deserves.

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