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Some Middle School Writing Prompts

In order to help the students write their papers, teachers will often give writing prompts. Most of them are in question form while some are in the form of instructions. In this case, you need to understand the basic middle school writing prompts so as to prepare for them. Let us provide you with the basic information of the most common sources of prompts for essay writing.

About your opinion – this is one source of middle school writing prompts that intend to make the students more opinionated. You will be asked with a question that will help you do critical thinking.

Instructions to Analyze – teachers will also require you to analyze another paper. This prompt is not actually a question but will give you an idea what other people think of a certain topic. Analyze their articles.

Personal Dream – another middle school writing prompt that will require you to talk about your goals in life. You may be asked with a question “Who do you think you are 10 years from now?” Some student essays will talk about careers or wild dreams.

Plan of Action – there are also some college essays that are related to middle school essays. When you are asked for your plan of action about a serious topic, you can write an article that will talk about the steps you will undertake. For example “What do you think should be done to countries supporting industrialization over environment welfare?”

The presented middle school writing prompts here are just some of the most common types of prompts delegated to students. If you need some help in writing your custom essays, you may contact our reps today.