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A Romeo and Juliet Essay could set you thinking

Get the right perspective while writing a good Romeo and Juliet Essay

Writing an essay on one of Shakespeare’s most well known tragedies, is certainly a task that could leave you deep in thought. You would be wondering about the lives and times of families like the Capulets and the Montagues, who are the two main families that figure in the play. They are at loggerheads with each other and this leads to their children losing their lives without having had a chance to find out how deep their love really was. Writing a Romeo and Juliet Essay forces you to take a very critical view of the turbulent times that these two families are portrayed in. There is constant feuding that goes on between them, leading to a very unpleasant turn of events. Doing an essay on a story like this needs a lot of patient and in-depth study of the play.

These are some of the ideas that you could toss around in your mind, before attempting to do any kind of essay on writing on a play like this. The actual events on the stage through the five act plot of Romeo and Juliet are such that, a lyrical love affair seems to be inconsistent with them. The story develops with the background of enmity between two families. You could think of examining the depth of the love between the two principal characters. In fact, one of the essay topics that you could think of exploring could be this: would the love of Romeo and Juliet survived for two decades? Your essay could talk about the reasons why a negative answer is plausible, considering the fact that the lovers were far too young and impulsive. This could give the play a completely new angle and it would be a good topic for discussion among literature students. This kind of a new Romeo and Juliet Essay could bring out new-found perspectives to Shakespeare’s play.

The idea of irony is yet another facet of the play. This can be brought out with relevant quotes and references, thereby making your Romeo and Juliet Essay an interesting piece of writing. You can talk about the greatest irony of the play when Juliet takes a particular potion that makes Romeo believe that she is dead. He kills himself because he cannot bear to live without her. Later on, she revives, only to realize her folly and finally commit suicide. This kind of irony is difficult to understand and empathize with, in this day and age. Life has become so mechanical that one cannot understand the extent to which lovers are prepared to travel, just for the sake of true love. Your Romeo and Juliet Essay could set you thinking of love, irony, family and enmity and a lot more too. You might even start thinking of what life in the times of the Capulets and Montagues, could really be like. The more you let your imagination roam, the better your argumentative essay will be.