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How to Write a Research Paper – The Common Steps

You may start writing the research proposal. This is the primary step to write the actual research paper. But first, it is necessary that you have a good topic. The subject for writing must be something that is feasible, important, interesting and can be supported with other research materials.

Knowing the chapters of the research paper is the next step. There are several of them but can be listed here in this article. These are the introduction, abstract, methodology, literature review, data, analysis of data, discussions and conclusion.

How to write a research paper may also involve the concepts of citing your reference materials. There are two major types of citations, the APA and the MLA formats. You can also try the Harvard citation style as well as the Chicago and Turabian. Check out our articles in the archives for more information.

Aside from using other research materials, you also need to make sure you can apply some methods of researching on your own design. You can do laboratory experimenting if you have a scientific outline for an experiment. But then you can also conduct non lab procedures to obtain research results.

Proofreading is the last thing to do. How to write a research paper will not be complete without proofreading your work. Take time to eliminate any errors in spelling and grammar structures. You can get more thesis help from our Samples section. Or you can simply order for a good quality research paper from us.