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Funny essay

Write funny essays that have inputs that are both meaningful as well as humorous

When you write a funny essay, you could write on serious subjects or topics in a lighthearted way. It is the way in which you write that is important. There are many people who feel that the best way to write a fun-filled essay is by poking fun of the characters, the reader or every other personality that comes up in the course of the essay. This is not the right way. When you decide to write essays that are funny, it is necessary to understand whether the topic is a suitable one to begin with.

Is there such a thing as a funny essay topic?

It would be certainly quite strange to write a complete essay that is humorous. Of course, if you are a student of English Literature, you might be asked to focus on the humor that is found in a particular story, play or speech. This could be a serious study of the nuances of a literary piece of writing that you have focused on. One wonders if it is possible to find humor in serious stories – Oliver Twist, for instance. We could help you write an Oliver Twist essay with a touch of humor. Think of the problems that parents face trying to bring up children. You could address these problems in a telling but humorous way –these are what funny essays are made of.

Take care to keep these in mind when you write humor essays

1/-       You first need to understand completely the import of your topic. Not everything can be taken in a light and jolly way.

2/-       Do not overdo the humor quotient in your essays. It would make people feel that you are not sensitized to the feelings of others.

3/-       Sexist and racist comments should be avoided at all costs. It would not be appropriate for you to do this in the name of humor.

4/-       Sarcasm very often creeps into a humorous essay. This is okay provided it is well within the limits of decency.

5/-       Remember the level of your reader when you write. For instance, sexual innuendoes would be inappropriate for a young reader group.

Here are some funny essay ideas that you could use

1/-       About animals

When you write about animals or pets, there is always the opportunity to bring in elements of fun. You could take the liberty of describing the funny things that pets do and the relationships they share with their owners. This could be an interesting relationship essay with a lot of anecdotes and jokes about pets and their owners. Make sure you offend no one.

2/-       Wry humor

One needs to understand the meaning and application of wry humor. Unless you have an intelligent audience or a reader, it is possible that the humor could go clear above their heads. The impact would be lost; so know your reader first. Write a DBQ essay based on documents you have.

3/-       Laughter is the best medicine

A joke or two or day to brighten up your life – one could learn to cope with life’s problems with a touch of humor. Write your funny essays with a touch of reality.