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Working on Your Five Paragraph Essay

One of the basic and finest of essay writing a composition is the five paragraph essay. It is the original base for any kind of papers. It follows a simple format and makes the job rather easy. You do not have to remember any difficult styles and is a good learning experience for the beginners. The research paper topic could be any and the word count can differ but the basic aspect remains the same. The introduction is followed by a three paragraph body and then concludes with the fifth and last paragraph. So do not worry about the intricacies, just work on the composition and make it look creative and factual.

The introductory phase of such essays is to give a brief overview of what is expected of the paper essay. The reader gets a brief idea about what is about to be discovered from the rest of the paper. Hence it must be interesting and captivating. It is just the first chapter of a novel. If it suits the readers fancy then you are successful else you have more hard work to do. However the easier part is that you need to compose only a single line which will entail the entire paper. The rest of the introduction can be just a gist of it. The next set of three paragraphs will give a detailed description of your findings and the facts that you have uncovered. Also it will have your arguments and why you think your point of view is correct. The materials you use in this will be authentic and accurate. Do not use any form of assumption. You must also keep in mind that the paragraphs are always interlinked with each other and follows a sequence. Also they must always refer to the thesis statement which was introduced in the introduction. This harmony is required else the reader will be unable to grasp the meaning of the entire narrative. It will seem more like a loose talk without any conclusive information or deduction.

The similarity amongst the middle three paragraphs will be obvious but it will only differ from the context and the content. You will find that the styles are almost the same and have the similar flow. All the paragraphs will have a touch with the preceding paragraph and will have a cohesive outcome. When you are writing this form of narrative compositions you will have a feel that you are able to achieve more than it is expected from you. It is just because of the format. Its subtleness and readiness makes it the most sought after style amongst all essay writers.

The use of five paragraph essay is now limited mostly in the formatting years and in schools and to a certain extent in colleges. Different styles have slowly evolved and are now being used professionally. This does not demean the importance of this format but definitely its use has curtailed. Since this is the basic format the students in schools find it easy to adapt to and are encouraged to learn it thoroughly. This way its primary objective still remains intact.