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Five Paragraph Essay

The best option to write a composition is a five paragraph essay. It is not only a style of writing but a model that is easy to remember. In the initial stages when you are just a novice in the field of essay writing compositions this style will help you learn the basics. Irrespective of the topic of the paper this style has a few distinctive attributes. It starts with the introduction, then it is followed by a three body paragraph and at the end it is concluded with the last paragraph.

In the introductory portion of this thesis essay the reader is captivated by the subject matter. Here the audience gets involved in your write-up. The paragraph tells the reader what the paper is all about and makes a thesis statement of the same. The last sentence of this part of the essay will have an appropriate reference to the next paragraph. This will help the reader make a swift transition to the next part. The linkages are mandatory in this form of write-ups as it gives the paper a flow and rhythm.

From the next line onwards the main body of the text starts. The first part of the body will portray the specific argument, example, the required illustration and will bring across the essence of the first paragraph. The first sentence will make the culmination of the last sentence of the first paragraph and similarly the last sentence will link up the next paragraph. In the order of hierarchy the second paragraph will note the second best argument, example and illustration and more or less follow the same pattern as the previous paragraph. The topic here must relate to the introductory thesis statement. The weakest argument, illustration and example are contained in the last part of the body. This may also contain the concluding part of the third paragraph. The topic however is not related to the main thesis statement but is rather linked with the topic shown in the second and third paragraph. In this format of academic essay the fourth part relates to the conclusion and it signals the reader that the paper is coming to the end. Get some more information about how to write essay, college application essay and business plan essay.

The concluding part of the five paragraph essay shows the culmination of the ideas, thoughts and examples in a few last sentences. This part must have a specific format as well. It contains the reference to the introductory portion, a summary of the three areas that is covered in the body paragraphs and also the repetition of the thesis statement in a different style format. Finally it must conclude with the final statement of the paper. This will indicate that the paper has come to an end. In this format of writing it is advisable not to use “I” and “You”, subject to its guidelines. Also abhor from using any contracted words. Plan and organize the paper as per the requirement of the subject and get on with the process. The effective planning will show the results in the quality of the paper.