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Not all essays for free are good and genuine; check them out before downloading

How wonderful it would be if you could get as many essays for free as you want, right in your mailbox! It would be good, provided they are all genuine. That is the biggest issue – genuineness. Today on the internet, one can see a lot of online firms advertising services, right, left and center. They claim to give you discounts, freebies and all sorts of other things to make you think they are the best. If you think that their free essays are really free, you’ve got a guess coming! There should be a catch to it somewhere. Go ahead; get a free essay, but don’t land into a soup.

Reading the fine print

This is certainly not something that we all do. As soon as we see those big bold multi-colored letters screaming at us, that is all we think of. We do not realize that we need to immediately scroll down to the bottom of the page to find out what else has been mentioned. For instance, there was a case of an online firm claiming that you could get an essay for free. The guy entered his name and details and then pressed the submit button. The next message that popped up on his screen was this: send us one of your essays and get two free. That did it! Where is the question of anything being free here? Whether it is a simple relationship essay that you want or a complicated one, remember that it is always better to go to a reliable source.

Taking a look at the cost

When something is free or dirt cheap, most of us do not give it a second thought. We think we are just plain lucky. We do not imagine that we could be getting some real substandard stuff. What could be worse is that we could be getting papers that are plagiarized. Either way, you are not getting what you bargained for. When the writing firm says that there are essays for free you need to find out more about their genuineness. You would probably get a free Oliver Twist essay by a person who thinks that Oliver Twist was written by Shakespeare! In short, the person is just not qualified to write it.

The issue of plagiarism

When you download a free DBQ essay and think you can use it for your assignment, take a precautionary step. Remember that there is software on the net that helps you find out more about whether or not an essay is plagiarized. Run the paper through the software and it will tell you to what extent there is plagiarism. If this level is lower than ten percent you have nothing to worry about. Anything more than that, should begin flashing some warning signals to you.

When you see the ‘FREE’ sign next time; don’t go overboard with joy. It could just be a ruse to get you interested in a site that is not very genuine. Getting essays for free is fun as long as they are genuine and good.