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Essay rubric

If you are wondering what good essay rubrics are all about; ask our writers

essay rubricSince our writers are very clear about the rubrics for every bit of academic writing that has to be done by a student, we are confident of helping students. Our writers will tell you that it is not possible to have one set of rubrics to suit every kind of essay that you write. For instance, a comparative essay rubric is quite different from the rubric for a persuasive one. In short, every essay rubric has to be mastered in order to write well and earn points or grades.

Here are the three important rubrics that you should worry about

1/-  Essay structure

2/-  Technical aspects

3/-  Content

Let us take each of these mentioned above, one by one, so that we can make the whole idea of essay rubrics clear to you.

1/-   Essay structure

Here you have to think about how an essay is to be structured. Going through these brief points will help –

a/-  Intro or opening – contains the main element or focus of the essay in an attractive manner

b/-  Body – whether it is one paragraph or three, it should contain ideas, presented in a logical sequence, with suitable examples.

c/-  Conclusion – brings in the focal point and brings arguments and ideas to a close.

2/-  Technical aspects

This part of the essay rubric does not vary much from essay to essay. However, it is necessary to be aware of this in order to maximize your grades –

a/-   Grammar – there should be no mistakes of any kind: syntax or otherwise

b/-  Punctuation – this should be perfect, taking into account the content and the nature of the essay. The use of commas, semi-colons, exclamation marks etc. should be judicious and apt.

c/-  Language – there should be consistency in the use of words and phrases. Clichés are to be avoided and verbiage should be negligible. Simplicity is the key.

3/-  Content

a/-  Constituents of style – it is necessary to ensure that all components of style are maintained right through. This is to show that there is perfect understanding of the essay rubric.

b/-  Thoughts – there should be no repetition or staleness of ideas. Originality is expected right through. Above all, there should be a rationale for the thoughts expressed.

c/-  Supporting evidences – without the right kind of support or examples, it will be quite difficult to prove your point or justify your content.

As a student, you might find it quite tedious to follow these essay writing rubrics. You don’t have to worry because this paper writing service can help you at various stages of the writing process and ensure your success. It does not matter whether you are working on an essay or a PhD dissertation; our writers can provide the customized help you need.

By and large, the essay rubrics that are followed in various institutions are quite the same. Do get in touch with us when you are getting a bit tizzy wondering what to do. We are sure that we can help you take things forward, however difficult the task may seem. So, please call us as soon as you need us.