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Essay Editing for Beginners

It is a good idea to proofread any parts of your articles and essays before you submit it. This way, you will eliminate the errors that will technically be bases for lower grade evaluations. Of course no matter how good the essay structure or contents may be, all of these will just put into waste if you did not do essay editing. That is why it is important that you check out for any mistakes before you submit such an article to your teacher. Essay editing has at least four scopes to consider.

  1. Spelling check. It is quite easy to identify spelling errors in a computer file especially if you are using MS Word. You can simply eliminate those words with red highlights as they mean wrong spelling. Of course there are instances when you have used a wrong word even though it is spelled correctly so you need to keep an eye on them. For example, you may interchange “from” and “form”.
  2. Grammar check. This is a very important matter especially in dissertation writing. You need to provide a good grammar structure for every sentence that you will write in your research paper. A phrase may mean another thing only because of a grammatically incorrect structure.
  3. Coherence check. You also need to see whether you have written a coherent set of discussions in the essay. In an informative essay for example, coherence plays an important role in logically segmenting the discussions in the article. It also means that you have a smooth transition per each paragraph and sentence in the essay.
  4. Accuracy check. This is simple and that you only need to verify the data you have entered in your essay or research paper. For example in a geography coursework the names of the land masses, rock and other earthly materials should be checked whether they were presented accurately or not.

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