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Essay criticism

Essay criticisms need to be objective

Criticizing something is certainly not as positive an action as critiquing something. There is a world of difference between the two. Therefore, if you are interested in getting to the bottom of the concept of essay criticism, it is essential for you to know the difference between these two similar sounding terms. Criticizing refers to disapproving of something and finding fault with something. Critiquing, on the other hand, refers to a thorough evaluation and analysis of something – this is a more positive action and one that can have a good or soothing effect on an issue.

It is always easy to find fault with something that you don’t like. A good teacher, in fact, will not constantly point out all the negatives that exist in an essay. Instead, he or she would go through the essay with a fine toothed comb and come up with points that could have been worded in a different way. It is also true that essay criticisms are done, keeping in mind the broad and narrow essay rubrics which are given to students before they begin their work. if you have not gone through these rubrics before you began, there are chances that the criticisms could be quite harsh.

These are the points that guides and teachers are worried about

  1. Has the format for the essay been followed perfectly? If this has not been done, where have things gone wrong? Can it be rectified with just minor corrections or is it so bad that the student has to rewrite the whole essay?
  2. The intro – has the student worded it right? Has he or she adhered to the topic, without literally going off at a tangent? In case there is too much deviation, can it be altered slightly to suit the topic?
  3. The body of the essay – are there sufficient arguments, points and examples to support the intro of the essay? Was there a proper hypothesis made in the beginning and do the points given support the hypothetical statements in all respects? Otherwise, where do they fall short?
  4. Has the research and analysis section been handled in a methodical way? If there are a few statistical tools applied, was this application right and proper?
  5. Has the overall purpose of the essay been achieved? Have all the loose ends been tied up well and securely? If not, where are the lacunae?

Another important point that many teachers highlight is that essay criticism should indicate whether or not the right academic level has been adhered to. You cannot be in university and write an essay that is high school level. It is not only wrong and unacceptable it is also the craziest thing that one can ever do.

Once you are aware of all the essay criticisms that can be leveled at your essay, you will take extra care and precaution not to make crazy mistakes. This is the right opportunity for us to help you out. Give us the chance to prove our mettle as good writing service providers and you will be happy you got to know us.

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