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Economy essay

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economy essayElements of social strata and their relation to a country’s economy could be interesting points to focus on in your economy essay. Economics student are required to write several such essays based on different topics and questions on the subject. Essay writing can be easy provided you have excellent writing skills, good researching techniques and some help from professionals who know the subject. We have writers proficient in this subject at our company, and would be able to give you all the guidance that you require to write a good essay.

Here are some suggestions:-

1/-          Be current

As these are economy essays, the data gathered should be current. The economy of a country is constantly changing; therefore your information should be genuine and up to date.

2/-          Logically analyzed facts

Analyze your data and arrange your facts in a logical sequential order. Ensure that your facts flow into a continuous paragraph. All your facts must have supporting evidences. You will need to have an introductory and a concluding paragraph besides the 2-3 content paragraphs.

3/-          Clear eloquence

Use simple and interesting language to express your ideas and views clearly and eloquently. Ensure that your essay answers the central question of your assignment.

Some categorizations

The level of economic development could be a basis for categorization as is explained below:

1/-          Developed countries

Countries such as the US, France and Britain come under this category

2/-          Developing countries

Most Asian countries are known as developing countries as there is not much poverty and the division between the rich and middle class people is not very wide. Countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand fit into this category.

3/-          Under developed countries

These are also known as the 3rd world countries where poverty, scarcity of food and medical attention is still widespread. Countries such as Africa and South America belong to this group.

Definition of economy

Economy can be defined as the financial condition and stability of a country and its population. The financial progress and therefore the stability of the country depend on its agricultural, industrial and service sectors.

Some topics

Students doing a doctorate in economics can write their PhD dissertation on any analytic topic on the subject. Here are several topics for your dissertation assignments:-

1/-          Tax system

Analyze the tax system in a developing country. How this system impacts the economy of the country could be a question to think of.

2/-          The importance of agriculture in Asia

The agriculture sector plays an important role in the development of any Asian country. Examine the reasons why this sector is declining as the economy of the country rises.

3/-          Economic growth

The economic growth of a country means a boost in the infrastructures, urban development, better and higher education, more job opportunities and better wages etc. One downside to economic development is the rapid increase in environmental issues. Discuss the various methods that can be taken to balance the progress of a country against the decline of its environment.

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